Learn to code by
cloning Airbnb


“You want to learn to code, but you don't know what to build?”

Bonjour! I'm Arthur Yeti, a full stack developer from France who used to build MVPs for startups. I'll teach you how to code by cloning Airbnb with React and Node.

There are gazillions of coding courses out there. Why start a new one?

I found them boring and overwhelming for beginners. You usually learn concepts and apply them in exercises. After couple lessons you lose motivation and quit.


Cloning a startup like Airbnb gives you a context to apply what you’ve learned.

Practicing with real use cases is the best way to stay motivated. For example instead of saying « I’ve learned how to use props and state », you will say « I’ve built a booking system with React ».

That’s why I’ve created this course. It teaches you how to build an Airbnb clone with React, GraphQL, and Prisma ..

When you want to learn French, you spend time drinking wine with French. When you want to learn code, you build a real project.

Who is this for

This course is for you if you want to learn to code, get started with React, or build a marketplace like Airbnb.

You should have basic knowledge about the web and how to build basic websites. General knowledge of the following is also advised but not 100% required: HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

What you'll learn

We cover the main features:

  • Creating an account with email and password
  • Facebook authentication
  • Accessing a dashboard
  • Displaying listings on a map or a list
  • Creating a listing with pictures, description, and availability
  • Accepting payment with Stripe
  • As a host managing booking from guests
  • A chat to let host and guest communicate
  • Reviewing a trip and a listing
  • Notify users with mailing

And some extra stuff:

  • Differentiating state and props in React
  • Writing cleaner code with React Hooks
  • Stylizing with styled-components
  • Handling forms in React
  • Using Next.js
  • Best tools for VScode and your terminal
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Frequently Asked Questions

When the course will be published?

I’m thinking of September 1st. I know it’s far from now, but I prefer high quality over speed.

Is this pre-order only for the Clone Airbnb course?

Yes, each course is sold independently. It takes around 500+ hours to produce a high-quality course like this one.

What if I realize that the course is too hard?

No problem at all! Email me at hello@arthuryeti.com and I'll refund you without questions asked.

I have another question!

Shoot me an email, I'll get back to you.


Made by Arthur

I'm a full stack web developer from France. After 10 years of building apps for more than 30 clients, I'm ready to teach you how to code startups with React and React-Native.